I have used many CRM systems over the years. I find that most of them were created to fulfil a particular function that none of the others could provide. This would be the main drive and focus for that particular CRM and so that particular functionality would excel above all others. There is now a huge array of CRM’s available for small to large businesses through to multinational corporations but it’s still difficult to find the ultimate CRM.

In my current role I use Infusionsoft and have been now for over 3 years. It’s a beast and tries it’s very best to tick as many boxes as possible. It has a lot of pros and cons and I have listed a few below. Overall it’s a good CRM with a few quirky and annoying issues but apart from that, it’s a great CRM for small to medium-sized businesses looking to automate there marketing processes.


  • Automation of marketing including email sends
  • Automated SMS sends via the Campaign Manager and external WebHooks
  • External automation via a very flexible API


  • It no longer supports SagePay as a payment system for it’s UK customers
  • Adding of tags can be restricted but the deletion of tags is not!
  • A very costly price tag

The Infusionsoft CRM has a very powerful API that once mastered, can add a huge amount of flexibility to its functionality. It has some drawbacks like only being able to query 1000 records at a time and not being able to query groups of tables at once but these can be coded around. Overall, it adds a huge amount of flexability once it’s been fully mastered.