Data Manipulation

From a few records to millions of rows of data I have created many scripts over the years to manipulate and crunch data for many uses. From e-commerce stores with thousands of products to CRM’s with millions of customers, there is always a way to automate and manipulate large volumes of data both quickly and efficiently.

Most of the projects I have dealt with over the years revolve around online systems and so PHP along with MySQL are my goto language and database. Together and with the correct server configuration, these can prove to be a very fast and powerful method for mass data manipulation and processing.  Whilst I use Adobe Dreamweaver as my main editor I am beginning to become more acquainted with Visual Studio Coder.  This is a Microsoft product but is available on a number of operating systems.  Unless I am using a product that will only run under windows, then my main choice of operating system is Ubuntu.  This has served me very well for many years as an OS and is used daily.