Progressive Property – Database Manager

March 2015 – Present

In my current position I create and maintain a wide array of automated sales and marketing processes within my current role.  I work closely with all departments within the business from the directors through to managers and individuals within each department.

I enjoy challenges, have excellent problem-solving skills and time management.  Whilst working on tasks I continuously analysis and  evaluate to locate the simplest route to what can be a highly technical issue.  Working closely with department managers I undertake a large volume of technical projects of all sizes and for all sections of the business.  Progress on these projects are reported on a weekly basis to the managing director and director.

The business I am currently employed by has two additional business and individual brands.  I work closely with these businesses on a daily basis aligning all data communication between front and back-office systems.

Infusionsoft University


  • Implementation and maintaining business-critical front and back-office systems
  • Continuously optimise customer journeys by segmentation and behaviour analysis
  • Project management, technical problem solving, project implementation and process documentation
  • Managing and overseeing the implementation of products and their appearance within the eCommerce platform
  • Analysis and segmentation of customer data for targeted marketing campaigns
  • Formulate, implement and report on automated email and SMS marketing campaigns
  • Responsible for the management and for maintaining three Infusionsoft CRM accounts with over 500,000 customers
  • Liaise with all department managers and stakeholders over a variety of technical projects
  • Investigate and implement new technology to streamline and automate current systems
  • When required, API Coding in PHP to manipulate data within the CRM systems
  • GDPR implementation
  • CRM Training


  • Mail Merge System
  • Ambassador Affiliate System
  • SMS Infusionsoft API
  • CRM Integrated SMS
  • Automated Daily Segmentation
  • Franchise Host Backoffice System

Applications and Tools

Infusionsoft CRM, AWS S3, Trello, Google Suite, VPS (Linux), WordPress, Kajabi, HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL, Dreamweaver, Navicat