Infusionsoft SMS Integration

As a standalone product, Infusionsoft does not have the ability to send or receives general SMS text messages.

To overcome this issue and give Infusionsoft users the ability to send and receive SMS text messages from within Infusionsoft as script was created that works by utilising the Infusionsoft API.

To send an SMS from Infusionsoft the user simply needs to add a note to the contact record.  So that the script can identify that the note needs to be sent as an SMS, the term SMS needs to be added as the note title.  This will then allow the script to trigger and the message will be sent to the service SMS number held as a custom field within Infusionsoft.  Any reply to this message will be automatically logged as a note against the customers record and the user will be informed of the incoming SMS.  This has been added to the Progressive Property and the Unlimited Success Infusionsoft accounts.